3-Dimensional Mentoring Programme

Programme Overview

For many reasons, mentoring has become one of employees’ most sought-after development experiences. Not only does it enable HiPOs to gain broader, deeper perspective and knowledge of their business, but it also allows them to network & connect with experience outside their immediate functional groups. Its benefits extend beyond the individual being mentored. Organizations that operationalize mentoring gain connections between new HiPOs and mentors, keep practical experience and wisdom in house, and break down silos between functional groups. Welcome to the 3-Dimensional Mentorship and Coaching Programme (3-D), a signature certification programme delivered by iTMA. This exciting programme was developed as part of building the frontline capability for successful talent management implementation. As investors in talent and stewards of the next generation, managers are entrusted with engaging and nurturing the organization’s most value posterity – its high potential employees (HiPOs). The 3-D programme focuses on equipping senior and executive managers with the capability and confidence to hold catalytic mentoring and coaching conversations, and accelerate HiPOs in their career sprint to the top. Managers are introduced to leading edge concepts and practices in mentoring and coaching, and equipped with a robust toolkit to effectively deliver everyday mentoring and coaching deliverables. Our toolkit to participating organizations include Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality & LOC assessors, mentor selection criteria checklist, mentor self-assessment framework, mentor exemplary leadership framework, mentee needs diagnostic framework, a 12-months mentoring programme capture/planner, the latest mentoring agreement template, and an opportunity to use our online mentee satisfaction survey platform at heavily subsidized rate

Course Outline

  1. Intro to Mentorship & Coaching, Talent Agenda, concept of High Potential
  2. EI Competences & Self Awareness for Pairing – MBTI Typologies
  3. The 3 Dimensions of Mentorship, Power + Influence
  4. How People Learn – Competence Models, Learning Styles, MASTER
  5. Strengths-Based Mentoring – tactical about strengths & weaknesses
  6. Pairing, Growth Needs Diagnostics and M.A.R.T Goal Setting
  7. Mentorship Programme Cycle, Programme and Mentor Roles
  8. Holding effective Mentoring + Coaching Conversations – P-GROW
  9. The Neuroscience of Mentoring and how to Optmize Development
  10. How Schemas Affect Learning Agility; Reframing Techniques
  11. Empathetic Listening, art of Questioning, Mastering Feedback
  12. Understanding Mentee Derailment and How it is Managed
  13. Mentoring Malpractices, Ethical Considerations, the Mentor Pledge



Successful completion of the 3-D Mentoring Programme leads to one earning a unique certification by iTMA in collaboration with the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM), a globally recognized certification institute that is headquartered in the USA. In its own right, the GAFM is a global education accrediting institution with a footprint in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. GAMF is TUV accredited, ISO 9001 certified for Quality, and ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards. Hence, all CTP™ certifications come with an endorsement seal of the International Board of Standards (IBS), and certification entitles holders to CPD strong CPD point awards in various countries worldwide. 3-D Mentors are able to use the designation ‘3-Dimenional Mentor’ on their business cards and résumés.