About Us

iTMA’s existence is anchored on the belief that talent makes a strategic difference in the performance, competitiveness, sustainability and overall success of organizations.

Welcome to the International Talent Management Academy (iTMA), the world’s leading academy on talent investment. iTMA focuses on professionalization of talent management through Talent Management Proficiency Model research, Talent Practitioner development and certification, talent management thought leadership, development and implementation of talent management tools and frameworks, building frontline capabilities for effective management of corporate talent, and setting up robust structures for effective governance of talent management programs and talent decisions in organizations. Read more. In its work on developing and updating the Talent Management Proficiency Model (TMPM),  iTMA collaborates extensively with global institutional partners and individual experts in practice, academia and consulting to ensure that the TMPM reflects the very latest practices in the exciting field of talent investment and management in the organizational setup. The importance of the TMPM is reflected in its global acceptance as the standard and yardstick for education, training and development of Human Capital and Talent Practitioners through adoption by global education and training providers such as the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM).

At iTMA, we also strive to ensure that Talent Practitioners and the Human Capital Leaders are equipped with the latest insights and tools to effectively handle the talent challenges and opportunities in a VUCA and RUPT 21st century business landscape. In this regard, iTMA has developed a Talent Management Toolbox that combines both scientific and behavioural tools and frameworks for executing technical talent interventions such as talent mapping (HiPO identification), succession mapping, talent infrastructure audit and realignment, frontline capability assessment, amongst several others. However, talent management is everyone’s business. That is why iTMA has also curated developmental programmes, frameworks and tools for use by Talent Review Panels (TRPs), senior line managers and HR managers across the HR value chain. iTMA also strives to build communities of talent practice in order to connect Talent Practitioners across the globe for knowledge share and mutual development. Our iTMA Connect platform is a robust member-based virtual community that enables Practitioners from anywhere in the world to seek guidance, case studies and other resources from their fellow members.

Our ultimate intent is to develop capable, confident and empowered Talent Practitioners who can provide valuable talent advisory and talent propositions to grow enterprises and people. Talent Practitioners must be seen as indispensable by both CEOs and EXCO on the one hand, and employees on the other.



To be the firm of choice on talent management certifications, tools and advisory


We develop, certify, support and connect talent practitioners globally, so that they in turn grow people, organisations and enterprise through bankable and sustainable talent interventions.

Our Core Values

Service – our clients come first, always; and we serve them with utmost diligence
Integrity – we engage honestly; our clients can truly rely on our advice
Impact – we deliver solutions that yield quantifiable impact on client performance
Passion – we just love what we do; and we do it well