Chartered Talent Practitioner™ (CHTP™)

Programme Overview

Globally, several enterprise talent management programs and interventions have had limited impact on enterprise performance and overall business sustainability. Whilst there are several reasons that can be attributed to this, lack of alignment between the talent agenda and the business agenda, as well as talent expenditures that do not align with sound investment principles, have been the 2 biggest causes for dismal performance of talent management programs and interventions. This is where the senior talent leader and talent strategist come in – to ensure talent investments are pivoted to long-term business direction and strategic priorities. Welcome to the Chartered Talent Practitioner™ (CHTP™) Programme, a talent management Certification Programme for senior HR Leaders in the roles of Head of Learning & Development or Senior Capability manager, Head of People Transformation, and Chief HR Officer. The CHTP™, which awards a ‘Chartered’ status globally, aims at developing advanced applied knowledge in talent investment and talent pipeline development, at a Talent Leader level. The Programme is designed to deliver talent impact to business so that Return of Talent Investment (ROTI) in visible and guaranteed. After attending this Course, delegates walk away with an advanced Knowledge Kit that will help them frame and contextualize strategic talent propositions for enterprise impact. The CHTP™ confers priceless value to your credibility and contribution as an HR Leader, in the process significantly transforming your perspective on human capital investment and transformation.

Course Outline

  1. Talent Agenda Setting – econometric and pivoting dictums
  2. Talent Investment Frameworks – Make or Buy, BCG, VRINE, VC, TLVA
  3. Talent Pipeline Transformation – Intervention Imperatives
  4. Talent and Competitiveness – talent lever/vantage driver mapping
  5. Talent Experience Strategy and Employer Brand Optimization
  6. Enabling the Boardroom (TRP) and the Frontline (Line Managers)
  1. Talent Culture – Rituals the Organization Must Excel In
  2. TM Dashboard – Talent Metrics for TRP and Board Tracking
  3. Talent at Risk (TaR) – the Latest Talent Risk Framework
  4. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Talent Management


Successful completion of the CHTP™ leads to one earning a unique certification by iTMA in collaboration with the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM), a globally recognized certification institute that is headquartered in the USA. In its own right, the GAFM is a global education accrediting institution with a footprint in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. GAMF is TUV accredited, ISO 9001 certified for Quality, and ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards. Hence, all CTP™ certifications come with an endorsement seal of the International Board of Standards (IBS), and certification entitles holders to CPD strong CPD point awards in various countries worldwide. CHTPs are able to use the designation ‘Chartered Talent Practitioner’ on their business cards and résumés.