PAIDA™ Talent Mapping

The landscape of managing an organization’s talent has radically transformed from gut or hunch to data and its associated analytics, which provides a more scientific basis for making critical talent decisions, investments and interventions. Central to best talent management practice is talent mapping or profiling – the identification, measurement and reporting of employees’ potential based on the latest dimensions of High Potential and their exhibitable behaviours. These globally researched and widely documented dimensions are deemed strongly definitive of high potential and accelerator of future performance in the work and career setting. PAIDA™ Talent Mapping Tool (PAIDA™) utilizes Eight (8) ‘Footprints’ of High Potential, populary known as the ‘PAIDA of High Potential’ and intelligently combines these dimensions of High Potential with an employee’s performance track record to calculate the overall talent value of each employee. PAIDA™ uses a 6-Scale Rater for potential assessment, with easy-to-comprehend short descriptors for conciseness, and long descriptors that include exhibitable behaviours, in the event that more detail is required during talent profiling or mapping. Should organizations use all the 8 Dimensions? Not necessarily! Every organization has its own unique strategic and business profile, which necessitate that some dimensions of high potential are more important than others. Organizations utilizing the PAIDA™ Framework can elect to utilize some of the Dimensions, based on their unique profile. This also includes rescaling the weighting of different Dimension to reflect the relative value they attach to each Dimension.     

9-Box Pooling and Reporting Grid

If you can profile your employees, you can pool them, and this is where PAIDA™ delivers unparalleled value. PAIDA™’s in-built 9-Box Pooling and Reporting Grid automatically and seamlessly allocates employees into their appropriate talent categories, and provides organizations with detailed headline intervention options based on the placement of each employee within the Grid. The 9-Box Grid comes with a detailed ‘How-To’ Guide for managing employees in each Grid based on their unique Potential-Performance Matrix. The Grid also comes with other ‘deep delve’ functionality for further analysis of the various succession scenarios for each employee. These include, progression tracking, succession readiness mapping, tenure analytics, and churn prediction.