Succession Mapping Framework (S-MAPS)

Succession planning is easier said than done!


How important is succession planning to your organization? Quite frankly, the answer strongly depends on your organization’s talent investment model and philosophy. However, effective planning and management of succession has become a workforce resilience and business continuity management imperative – to the extent that succession readiness has become a requirement in most listed and/or highly regulated organizations globally. This compels organizations to identify, tag and spotlight their ‘critical’ roles, and act to ensure these have sufficient succession cover. As part of our overall talent management offering and the commitment to develop usable tools, iTMA has developed the Success Mapping Tool, called S-MAPS, to provide a workable framework and methodology for mapping potential successors to critical roles

In its broadest construct, S-MAPS comes with a clear criteria and robust guideline on the identification of critical roles. This helps Talent Practitioners focus succession efforts and their associated developmental investments on roles that are critical to mission. What makes S-MAPS world class? It is its simplicity and its ability to triangulate key data points on employees for decision making regarding their succession pathway and probability for success in a higher and more complex role. S-MAPs comes in both Excel and web-enabled App version to cater for the diverse profile and needs of our global client base. The most exciting aspect about S-MAPS is its integration with the Talent Mapping framework.