Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC)

Transforming the infrastructure for managing talent

How would you transform your organization’s talent processes and practices so that they are strongly aligned with the talent agenda and talent management strategic plan? In your talent process architecture and talent practices matrix, what would change and significantly improve today? Well, you don’t have to second-guess, because you have the framework and tool to explore these questions and answer them decisively. The Talent Delivery Value Chain Framework (TDVC) is one of the most revolutionary Talent Management Infrastructure and Capability Transformation Frameworks ever developed in our era. It is a comprehensive, masterpiece Framework that provides a blueprint for auditing, strengthening and aligning your organization’s talent management ecosystem (processes, standards, toolkit and skills) against a set Talent Vision (the future state talent pipeline) as seen by the CEO, TRP, CHRO and even the Board. In developing the TDVC, we wanted to make talent management process improvement both practical and systematic by creating a framework and tool that empowers you, the Talent Practitioner, to Do It Yourself (DIY). Hence, the TDVC provides an actionable Template for organizational introspection and insight on its current talent processes and practices, clearly pointing out areas of process weakness, which can then shape priorities for transformation and/or improvement. 


Why is the TDVC Framework a must have? The best way to answer this question is to ask – Why is it a must to fix broken down talent processes and practices? Simply put, the best talent wants to work in an organization with the best talent engagement processes and practices across the entry-to-exit cycle. The TDVC provides a systematic framework and methodology to make significant and strategic fixes for your talent management practices, and a Launchpad for achieving far-reaching transformation in the way your talent management programme is implemented across the enterprise. To hear more about how you can access the TDVC and utilize this masterpiece framework and tool, simply request via the Tool Purchase Form, or simply drop us an email stating your requirement, and we will revert promptly.