Talent Econometric Modeling Framework (ECONOMAP)

One of the most important tasks and deliverables for talent analysts in an organization is to develop an integrated talent acquisition and resourcing strategy based on several internal and external resourcing scenarios. Beyond normal workforce planning processes and methodologies, organizations want to fully understand the state of talent market, and master the impact of key developments in the operative environment. To a very large extent, this process is highly technical, and involves the ability to blend benchmarking with quantitative models to predict the situation on the external talent market. iTMA has developed the Talent Econometric Modeling Framework (ECONOMAP), a robust tool and methodology to accurately map talent demand and talent supply based on specified talent demand and talent supply drivers. The ECONOMAP framework itself is periodically updated to reflect key global and regional developments that have a strong propensity to affect talent demand and supply, and hence influence talent mobility. iTMA’s ECONOMAP has the following capabilities;    


  • Talent Demand Driver Identification – enablers to help your organization fully understand both internal and external demand for talent
  • Talent Supply Driver Identification – enablers to help your organization fully understand both internal and external supply of talent
  • Assumptions to Inform Talent Intervention – a periodically updated set of assumptions to help talent leaders correctly predict talent mobility trends that may have a bearing on their talent resourcing strategies and plans


Through tools such the ECONOMAP, iTMA’s long-term intent is to go beyond talent management capability building by putting at the Talent Practitioner’s disposal usable tools and methodologies that operationalize talent analysis and simplify talent decisions in organizations. Our commitment to continuously update the ECONOMAP is premised on our awareness of the volatility of the talent market and the talent management landscape, and how this volatility will continuously alter the talent driver impact on supply, demand and mobility of talent on both global and regional scales. As with all other iTMA talent management tools, the ECONOMAP is accessed via threshold participation in our certified talent management programs or via direct purchase.