Talent Management Best Practices™ TMBP™ Standard

Overview of the TMBP™ Standard

In its history and evolution, and in spite of compelling evidence that talent management is fact rather than fad, a comprehensive definition of talent management and a defined set of talent management standards have been the missing piece in the legitimacy of talent management as a discipline and a profession. The Talent Management Best Practices Standard™ (TMBP™ Standard) was developed to accelerate the irreversible shift from human resources to human talents, and the pivoting of human potential for strategic resourcing and resilience building through people. The TMBP™ Standard aims to help organizations become talent-centric by providing an overarching framework to audit, strengthen and transform their talent management practices and standards across the employment cycle.

The TMBP™ Standard is a set of published Guidelines that reflect current thinking on what can be termed ‘sound good practice’ in the field of talent management. Whilst the Guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive and hence do not set absolute requirements or regulatory imperatives, they are however designed to offer reliable indicative professional benchmarks of good practice and performance yardsticks in the management of the organization’s most valued asset – its talent. Consistent with the underlying objective of all standards, the TMBP™ Standard strives to identify those reliably repeatable practices that not only raise organizational and institutional performance thresholds, but also consistently create remarkable talent vantage for organizations that meet these Standards. The TMBP™ Standard is outlined and structured as follows;  

  1. Comprehensive Definition of Talent and Talent Management
  2. Enterprise Talent Management Capability Framework
  3. Talent Management Business Case Framework
  4. Talent Vantage Drivers or Talent Lever Framework
  5. Specific Talent Delivery Value Chain Standards:
  • Talent Leadership Standards
  • Talent Acquisition Standards
  • Talent On-boarding Standards
  • Talent Development Standards
  • Talent Deployment Standards
  • Succession Management Standards
  • HiPO Mentoring Standards
  • Talent Engagement Standards
  • Employer Branding Standards
  • Talent Off-boarding Standards
  1. Talent Pipeline Relativities – Benchmarks
  2. Talent Management Governance Structure
  3. The Talent Dashboard (T-DASHBOARD)
  4. Ethical Framework for Talent Practitioners


Auditing Talent Practices and Standards

iTMA defines the Talent Management Best Practices™ Audit as a comprehensive, systematic, independent and objective examination of an organization’s talent practices, programs, strategies and initiatives to identify opportunities and priorities for strengthening the same. The TMBP™ Standard comes with a fully embedded talent practices auditing framework that enables dipstick assessment of the performance of your organization’s current talent management efforts. In total, the TMBP™ Standard has 108 auditable talent management Standards that contribute to an organization’s TMBP™ Audit Score out of total possible of 150 points. Underlying the Standard is the TMBP™ Scoreboard, which clearly outlines the scoring matrix for an organization intending to undertake the TMBP™ Audit. The TMBP™ Audit will provide your organization with a factual view of the maturity level of your talent management programme when analysed against the Talent Management Maturity Model (T-MMM). It spotlights the key areas along the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC) that require improvement in order to develop a successful TM Programme that yields a robust talent pipeline and impact to business performance.

Getting Audited Against the TMBP™ Standard

For your organization to be audited against the TMBP Standard, you need to do the following;

  1. Purchase the TMBP™ Standard from iTMA by completing and submitting the TMBP™ Standard Purchase Form
  2. Schedule and communicate to us the dates on which you intend to have the TMBP™ Audit done. Bear in mind that a dipstick audit including production and presentation of the Audit Report takes 15 working days
  3. iTMA will allocate an accredited TMBP™ Auditor, which will Kickstart the on-boarding process for the TMBP™ Auditor by the client’s HR office.
  4. Kick starting the TMBP™ Audit. Please bear in mind that the TMBP™ Audit can be done via both face-to-face or virtual interactions. iTMA will work with client preference.