Talent Management For Line Managers

Programme Overview

Successful talent management and effective talent intervention does not happen on spreadsheets and applications. It happens in the daily grind of talent conversations that drive talent engagement, individual career decisions, talent development, optimal deployment, and retention. Building a ‘Frontline Advantage’ for your talent management program is about building the requisite capabilities in your line managers – who are the true owners and custodians of talent capital and drivers of the employment deal – so that whilst planned in the Boardroom, the ‘War for Talent’ is actually fought and won on the Frontlines (Battlefield). Hence, the line manager level is a very critical cog in the delivery of a successful talent management program. Organizations that attempt talent management implementations independent of line manager involvement will fail due to lack of a shared talent vision by managers. Simply put, when line managers understand the talent vision and the talent profile that the organization is developing, they can play a more meaningful role in supporting delivery of the talent agenda from the frontlines. This 2-day Programme strives to develop a talent-savvy line manager who understands the agenda, deliverables, processes, tools, frameworks and standards of your organizaton’s talent management program.


Course Outline

  1. The Talent Agenda – Industry and Global Perspectives
  2. Understanding Talent and Talent Management
  3. Enterprise-wide Talent Management (ETM)
  4. Creating Advantage through Talent (Talent Vantage)
  5. Talent Delivery Value Chain – Best Line Practices
  6. Concept of Potential and Dimensions of High Potential
  7. Fundamentals of Talent Profiling
  8. Holding Effective Talent and Career Conversations
  9. Talent Engagement Fundamentals – Experience Fulfillment
  10. Succession Planning
  11. Managers Role in Building our Employer Brand
  12. Talent Culture & How Managers Support it
  13. Talent Management Standards



The Talent Management for Line Managers training is certified by the International Talent Management Academy (iTMA) through a Certificate of Completion. The Programme is non-examinable. However, delegates who have successfully attended this course can proudly cite it on their business cards and résumés.