Talent Review Panel (TRP) Training

Programme Overview

If talent is a competitive driver and an accelerator for business leadership, then its management is a strategic imperative that must enjoy a cross-functional executive ownership, sponsorship and drive. The problem with every organization that is striving to deliver extraordinary value to its target market is that the quality of its talent always falls far short of the strategic intent. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that in today’s VUCA and RUPT environments, business change always outpaces talent development by several miles. The TRP Onboarding Programme is designed to develop a strategic pact between EXCO, the human resource function and line managers for effective investment in, and management of the organization’s most potent asset – its talent. In this intensive 2-day discussion, we endeavor to clarify the purpose (why it was created), role (what it does) and deliverables (how it adds value) of the Talent Review Panel. The discussion delves into the specific decisions that TRP makes and how its effectiveness can be measured. The session also seeks to forge an effective partnership between TRP members and HR managers for successful delivery of the talent agenda. iTMA utilizes this session to guide TRPs in the critical process of envisioning how their organization’s talent pipeline should look like, to articulate the big, audacious talent investment goals, and to install a clearly articulated strategic scorecard to achieve the overarching talent agenda. This Course is targeted at members of the Talent Review Panel, all human resources managers and any member of the executive team who may want to hear more about executive sponsorship and leadership of the talent management effort in their organization.


Course Outline

  1. TRP & Governance of Talent Management – role of TRP
  2. Envisioning a Sustainable Talent Pipeline for your organization
  3. Key Talent Transformations the TRP Must Drive
  4. TRP Cadence of Accountability
  5. TRP Decisions and Sound Decision Making Processes
  6. Strengthening the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC)
  7. Employer Brand Custodianship
  8. Developing Enterprise Wide Capabilities for managing Talent
  9. Talent Culture – Rituals the Organization Must Excel In
  10. The TM Dashboard – The KPI Framework for TRP
  11. TM Success Prerogatives and Accelerators



The Talent Review Panel (TRP) training is certified by the International Talent Management Academy (iTMA) through a Certificate of Completion. The Programme is non-examinable. However, delegates who have successfully attended this course can proudly cite it on their business cards and résumés.