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We provide Talent Calibration solutions that work! Our Talent Management Toolkit is second to none! With the CODP™ Program, we simplify Change! TMBP™ Standard… when Standards define TM!  The 2024 Talent-Savvy CHRO Incubator Program


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Talent Management & Organisation Effectiveness Experts

Must-Attend TM & OE Programs in 2024

Talent-Savvy CHRO Incubator Program

CHROs and Senior Talent Practitioners now have a program that truly equips themwith talent pipeline analysis and strategic talent investment skills. After completion, you are awarded the Chartered Talent Practitioner certification

Global Talent & Career Mobility Masterclass

A Global Masterclass Program that unpacks talent and career mobility from a strategic viewpoint - a must for People & Talent Strategists as well as L&D Practitioners. Secure your seat in any one of the 3 masterclasses for 2024.

Chartered OD Practitioner Program

Globally, there is an acute shortage of competent OD & OE Practitioners. This exciting certification program will position you strategically, giving you visibility in a market that is looking for competent and authentic skills in OD & OE.

Leading-Edge Talent Management Tools

PAiDA™ Talent Calibration Application

At iTMA, our quest is to provide our clients with seamless enablement of the traditionally challenging Talent Calibration process. You can now secure the PAiDA™ Talent Calibration Application & get ahead in Talent Insight and Intervention

Purchase the TMBP™ Standard

Talent Management Tools have always been the pain point in TM implementation. We have solved the problem – the TMBP™ Standard is the most robust set of TM Tools that empowers ideation, visualization & reporting across TM interventions

TM Framework Design Consultancy

Sometimes you simply need an expert to guide you on your Talent Management Program Design. Get an iTMA expert to help you ideate and develop a fit-for-purpose TM Program, Policy and Roadmap, whilst getting best-in-class coaching

Let’s Help you Build Capacity for TM Success

Executive Orientation on Talent Management

Without executive ownership and drive, your TM program lacks critical support to succeed. Engage us to run the Executive Orientation on TM Program (in-house), and you will begin to enjoy the pleasure & benefits of working with an aligned EXCO or TRP for TM success

HR Team Development on Talent Management

Talent management is no longer a ‘one office’ or ‘one person’ intervention. With a focus on Talent Experience (TX) management, TM has now become an HR-wide capability. Invite us to train your entire HR team to build internal alignment on TM.

3-D Mentor

HiPOs are Mentor-hungry - and most organisations just don’t realize that! Our 3-Dimensional Mentor Development & Certification Program is designed to capacitate leaders and managers to develop HiPOs into stars. Let’s develop yours!

Organizations do not rise to the level of their goals; they fall to the level of their systems and standards

The Talent Management Best Practices™ (TMBP™) Standard is the most advanced, integrated framework developed by iTMA to mainstream and strengthen talent management, by defining leading edge practices across the Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC). The must-have Standard condenses the most important dimensions of Talent Management in the form of auditable standards, implementation tools and ROI/Impact metrics. The Standard enables Human Capital and Talent Practitioners to move beyond talent management lexicon, by bringing a robust set of tools and frameworks, thereby enabling ‘plug & play’ capabilities when it comes to talent management implementation.

In Action...
3-D Bootcamp

Global Masterclass on Talent & Career Mobility (GM-TCM)

In most organisations, the absence of a Talent and Career Mobility Strategy is seriously undermining the gains from Talent Acquisition. Good, if not great employees who have joined the organization on the strength of great candidate experiences and a resolute promise (EVP), also want to understand the long-term career deal, including rewarding mobility opportunities. Employees want to move simply because they want to grow. When organisations elevate talent mobility, they are addressing the inert human growth imperative. Do you want to understand how a strategy and HR capability in this area can be developed and exploited – then join any of our 3 Global Masterclasses on Talent Mobility & Career Management (GM-TCM) in 2024 and explore the leading-edge strategies & tools to optimize people mobility and career success.


Great discussions providing global success cases in Talent Mobility Strategy implementation and its Impact/ROI measurement.


To optimize conversations and learning, seats are limited to only 100 per Masterclass. Secure yours early and be part of the conversation.



Gain access to leading-edge Tools used by Talent Practitioners today in Talent Mobility strategy, programming, analytics, and reporting.

Why us

We provide a turnkey solution on TM - from Certifications to Toolkits, Advisory Services, and HR Leader coaching on TM implementation.


We bring deep understanding of Talent Mgnt at strategic & operational levels. We add real value to your TM program!

TM Toolkit

We don’t just train on Talent Management. We make it ‘plug & play’ by giving you Tools you can immediately apply!


Beyond certification, we guarantee your continued growth through our robust Continuous Professional Development.


Through our certification, we help HR Leaders and Managers speak not just with competency, but with authority!


We have the widest global reach to ensure our clients and practitioners are connected to global leading-edge practices!

Our Conviction

Our belief that talent ‘moves the needle’ is deeply founded. We have a personal stake in the advice that we provide to clients!

CTP Harare

16 - 20 October 2023

The Certified Talent Practitioner (CTP™) has evolved to become a benchmark certification in Talent Management, providing our delegates with a turnkey Toolkit to accelerate formalized talent management implementation.

CODP Pretoria

13 - 17 November 2023

The Chartered Organisational Development Practitioner (CODP™) has evolved to become a benchmark certification in Organisational Effectiveness, providing our delegates with a turnkey Toolkit to accelerate…

CTP Cape Town

4 - 8 December 2023

The Certified Talent Practitioner (CTP™) has evolved to become a benchmark certification in Talent Management, providing our delegates with a turnkey Toolkit to accelerate formalized talent management implementation.


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