About this Program


Talent has simply become too strategic to relegate it as solely an HR focus. Increasingly, most organizations are constituting and activating EXCO-level Talent Review Panels (TRPs) in order to give talent management a cross-cutting executive ownership, accountability and drive. CEO’s are also increasing acknowledging Talent – alongside culture – as both a competitive and sustainability imperative. It is against this backdrop that the International Talent Management Academy, iTMA is scaling up the capability thrust to equip CEOs and their Executive Teams with a strategic understanding of talent management, including the talent imperatives that are fully owned and driven from the CEO’s desk. In “developing talent-savvy CEOs and Executives”, our focus is to clarify value-add points that the CEO’s and EXCOs offices must address to set direction and tone for competitive talent pipelines builds. Join us in any of these selected Bootcamps as we engage with CEO and EXCO, and in the process shape the next most strategic play for the CEO. You can also request for an in-house session should you wish to customize this critical conversation to your unique competitive and sustainability setting.


Program Coverage

  • Competitiveness and Sustainability through Talent
    • Designing & activating the Talent Investment Strategy
    • Defining and communicating your Talent Philosophy
    • Clarifying What is Talent to guide Key Talent Decisions
    • Developing a Talent Calibration Framework
    • Making Talent Review Panels work!
    • Brand-enabled! Designing a Talent-centric EVP
    • Understanding and effectively managing Talent Risks
    • Building a winning Talent-Culture Nexus
    • Differentiated! – Building Talent Management Standards


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