About this Program


Human capital development i.e., the ability to expand human talents and proficiencies through learning, has truly begun to gain attention and sponsorship as organisations seek to leverage human potential for sustained competitive advantage. Enabling learning in today’s fast-evolving enterprise environment is synonymous with enabling adaptive change, which is critical to organisational agility and performance. Recent strides in neuroscience have also unraveled exciting and important insights into brain-works about human learning – concepts such as neuroplasticity, psychological safety, and unlearning processes. Simply put, we understand learning levers and enablers today, better that we have ever done in history. The Certified Learning & Development Practitioner (CLDP) Program taps into learning science (psychology and neuroscience) to equip L&D Practitioners with the tools to deliver transformative learning solutions and interventions. L&D Practitioners will learn how to (i) translate strategy and operating model into strategic learning propositions, (i) collaboratively design catalytic learning models and pathways, (iii) ideate and curate truly meaningful learning journeys and learner experiences, (iv) and effectively deliver learning across a range of key learner touchpoints, whilst fully addressing personal and generational preferences.


Program Coverage

  • Agenda Mapping – the Learning & Development Strategy Canvas
  • Building Competency & Proficiency Frameworks
  • Career, Succession & Mobility Management
  • Employability & Agility – Deskilling, Upskilling & Multiskilling
  • Learning & Assessment Model Design – Best Practices
  • Learner Experience (LX) Design & Management
  • Catalytic Environment for Learning – Neuroscience
  • Digital Enablement – Agile, Micro and e-Learning/Virtual
  • Implementing Transformational Mentoring & Coaching Programs
  • Learning for Change
  • Lifelong Learning – Imperatives of a Learning & HP Culture
  • Strategic Evaluation & Reporting – L&D ROI, Analytics & Dashboard


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