In today’s cut-throat business environment, winning organizations are making talent and talent management a strategic play, and intelligently combining it with culture (talent-culture nexus) to build the potency to compete and win. Talented employees confer significant advantage that must be developed and fully exploited – talent vantage.

Developing Global Talent Management Professionals.

At iTMA, we assist talent practitioners develop talent-centric organizations i.e., organizations where talent thrives – by building the right culture and capabilities to effectively manage talent. iTMA has become the leading global voice on this irreversible journey and quest towards talent-centricity – because we sincerely believe that Talent Practitioners and Executive Managers can create that elusive advantage, the talent vantage, for their organizations through strategic and tactical people propositions.

If human potential excites you; and if, like we do, you hold a conviction that people are the difference, then let’s collaborate to transform our organizations, our enterprises, and our society through talent. On its part, iTMA will bring at your table the right tools and frameworks to effectively manage talent, build the necessary organizational capabilities, and lead thought and conversation in talent management global best practice. Together, let’s create advantage through talent.

Talent Management Certifications

iTMA develops, certifies and coaches capable, confident, and empowered Talent and OE Practitioners who can provide leading edge advisory, propositions and solutions that grow and accelerate enterprises and people.

Talent Management Toolkit

iTMA develops usable tools to assist Talent and OE Practitioners in the important tasks of talent & OE analysis, intervention planning and execution, as well as ROI measurement & reporting for all talent efforts and investments.

Talent Management Advisory

iTMA also provides high value advisory to organizations on talent proposition and framework development, talent pipeline analysis, and enterprise capability building for enterprise talent mgt program success and impact.

Do what is right, always

We embarked on our journey with a distinct approach. Instead of adhering to a demanding, all-or-nothing career path, we prioritized balance and well-being. We provided an opportunity to find fulfillment in both your professional and personal life, placing importance on family and engaging in impactful projects alongside companies within your community.

Our core principle was to invest in people, communities, and the success of our clients. Consistently recognized as a top workplace, Beratung has garnered a reputation for creating an environment where individuals thrive. We proudly serve more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and a third of the Fortune 500, while also collaborating with startups, not-for-profit organizations, and a myriad of innovative entities.

How we work

Transforming organizations sustainably. Unlocking performance excellence.
Nurturing thriving workforces for generations. Partner with us for success.


We bring deep understanding of Talent Mgnt at strategic & operational levels. We add real value to your TM program!

TM Toolkit

We don’t just train on Talent Management. We make it ‘plug & play’ by giving you Tools you can immediately apply!


Beyond certification, we guarantee your continued growth through our robust Continuous Professional Development.


Through our certification, we help HR Leaders and Managers speak not just with competency, but with authority!


We have the widest global reach to ensure our clients and practitioners are connected to global leading-edge practices!

Our Conviction

Our belief that talent ‘moves the needle’ is deeply founded. We have a personal stake in the advice that we provide to clients!