Certified Talent Practitioner™ (CTP™)

Programme Overview

Welcome to the Certified Talent Practitioner™ (CTP™) Programme, the only talent management Certification Programme for HR and Talent Practitioners, which awards a ‘Certified’ status globally. The CTP™ has been developed to introduce HR Practitioners to the specialized field of Talent Management, at a Talent Analyst level. The Programme is designed for HR Practitioners who aspire to gain a globally accredited certification whilst differentiating themselves from ‘generally qualified’ colleagues. Hence, it is ideal for HRBPs who may want to gain a more technical understanding of talent management, or HR managers in specialized roles that include Talent Manager, Human Capital Planning & Acquisition Manager, L&D Manager, and Reward Manager, whose role entails provision of specialized technical advisory to HR and Business Leaders. After attending this Course, delegates walk away with a robust Toolkit for managing the most important asset that is under your custodianship – the talent capital. Practitioners that have successfully gone through this Programme have described CTP™ as a significant differentiator to their personal credentials and career prospects. CTP™ confers priceless value to your credibility and contribution as an HR Practitioner, in the process significantly transforming your perspective on human capital proposition and intervention.


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Talent Management – concepts and business case
  2. The Talent Analyst Proficiency Model
  3. Talent Econometrics – fundamentals of talent supply and demand
  4. TM to Business Alignment – horizontalization & verticalization
  5. Talent Delivery Value Chain (TDVC) – infrastructure alignment
  6. Enterprise-wide Talent Management Implementation – the Project Plan
  7. Introduction to the Concept of (High) Potential
  8. Talent Profiling and Pooling – tools, frameworks and approaches
  9. Talent Conversations and Career Path Mapping
  10. Succession Mapping and Succession Management
  11. Introduction to Derailment – talent derailers and mitigation
  12. Employer Branding – experiences, touchpoints & engagement
  13. Talent Analytics – brand, pipeline, bench, relativities



Successful completion of the CTP™ leads to one earning a unique certification by iTMA in collaboration with the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM), a globally recognized certification institute that is headquartered in the USA. In its own right, the GAFM is a global education accrediting institution with a footprint in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. GAMF is TUV accredited, ISO 9001 certified for Quality, and ISO 29990 Certified for Educational Standards. Hence, all CTP™ certifications come with an endorsement seal of the International Board of Standards (IBS), and certification entitles holders to CPD strong CPD point awards in various countries worldwide. CTPs are able to use the designation ‘Certified Talent Practitioner’ on their business cards and résumés.