About this Program


The process of business repurposing and operating model transformation requires defining and building new capabilities.  In every “new normal”, organisations must become intentional about the Competences they now seek to build in their people. Profiling, clarifying and communicating the critical competences ensures that all stakeholders who make competency-based decisions are fully aligned on base-cases when making decisions. The International Talent Management Academy, iTMA, which has a solid track record in assisting organizations implement structured review of competency frameworks and competency assessments, delivers the two-day Competency Profiling and Assessments Masterclasses on both open and in-house basis. The Masterclasses focus on giving Practitioners a practical understanding of the process and tools for Job Competency Profiling, Competency Framework Design and Competency Assessment. The Masterclasses are targeted at HR Business Partners, OD/OE Practitioners, Talent Acquisition Specialists, as well as Learning and Development Practitioners, who mostly hire, develop and deploy Competences as part of their work. If you are interested in an open Masterclass, you can email iTMA to receive the Annual Calendar for this program.


Program Coverage

  • Understanding & Building Competency Taxonomies
  • The Concepts – From Competency to Proficiency
  • Understanding the Competency Universe
  • Domain Vs Ecosystem Competences
  • Parameterizing and Developing Competency Tools
  • From Competency Profiles to Competency Frameworks
  • Competency Assessment Models and Best Practices
  • Competency Gap Analysis, Reporting & Intervention


To sign up for this Program, email us at certifications@itma-global.com