About this Program

Welcome to the 3-Dimensional Mentorship™ & Coaching Programme (3-D™), a signature certification program delivered  by  the  International  Talent  Management Academy, in collaboration with Allaboard. This exciting programme was developed as part of building the frontline capability for successful talent management implementation. As Investors in Talent and Stewards of the Next Generation, managers are entrusted with engaging and nurturing the organization’s most valued posterity – its high potential employees (HiPOs). The 3-D™ Mentorship programme focuses on equipping executive, senior and mid-level managers with the capability and confidence to hold catalytic mentoring and coaching conversations and accelerate HiPOs in their career journeys to the top.

In this highly engaging and truly transformational 3-day Mentor Certification Bootcamp, managers are introduced to leading edge concepts and practices in mentoring and learning enablement via highly engaging learning models and tools. Delegates receive their prestigious Mentor Certification directly from iTMA. Organisations that invest in the 3-D Mentorship™ and Coaching intervention derive tangible growth of their High Potential (HiPO) benches and sustainable succession plans. As part of addressing the toolkit pain chain, iTMA also equips participating managers and their organizations through their respective HR functions with a turnkey 3-D Toolbox.


Program Coverage

§  Introduction to Mentorship; Concept of High Potential (HiPO)

§  EI Competences & Self Awareness for Successful Pairing

§  From Coaching to Sponsorshipthe Mentoring Landscape

§  The 3 Dimensions of Mentorship; Power and Influence

§  How People Learn – Competency Models, Learning Styles, MASTER

§  Introduction to Schemas Learning Agility and Reframing Techniques

§  The Neuroscience of Mentoring – Human Development Optimisation

§  Strengths-Based Mentoring – tactical about Strengths & Weaknesses

§  Mentee Growth Needs Diagnostics and S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

§  The Mentoring Cycle, The Programme, and Mentor Deliverables

§  Holding effective Mentoring and Coaching Conversations

§  Confidence Building; Mentee Self-Efficacy and LOC

§  Empathetic Listening, art of Questioning, and Mastering Feedback

§  Understanding and effectively managing Mentee Derailment

§  Mentoring Ethics and Malpractices; the Mentor Pledge


To sign up for this Program, email us at certifications@itma-global.com