About this Program


In 2022, Chris Tenga, CEO at the International Talent Management Academy coined the term ‘Found and Lost’, an inverted and contra-occurrence where organisations are successfully scouting, attracting and hiring highly talented employees, only to then quickly lose them on account of poor or non-existent mobility that seriously stagnates this ambitious and highly mobile employee category. Today’s employees also equate internal mobility with career acceleration and growth, as they begin to quantify the personal career and financial benefits that accrue – career exploration, passion discovery, strengths spotlighting, etc. And from an organisation’s perspective, we are also beginning to truly understand the quantifiable value of intentional and structured Talent Mobility – talent engagement, retention, development, etc. The confluence of value for both employees and organisations from Talent Mobility is not just interesting, it makes a very strong economic case as well. Yet in most organisations, the absence of a Talent and Career Mobility Strategy is undermining the gains from Talent Acquisition. Do you want to understand how a strategy and HR capability in this exciting area on Talent Mobility can be developed and exploited – then join any of our 2024 Global Masterclasses on Talent Mobility & Career Management (GM-TCM) and explore the leading-edge strategies & tools to optimize people mobility and career success.


Program Coverage

  • Where are you now – Talent Mobility Maturity Analysis
  • Understanding the Science underpinning Mobility Mapping
  • Competency Framework Design and Career Pathways
  • Career Clarifications and Career Advocacy
  • The role of Employee Profiling & Talent Conversations
  • Guiding Talent on a Career Management Strategy – EDAR
  • Designing Balanced Ownership & Sponsorship Models
  • Culture & Mindsets imperative for a successful Talent Mobility
  • Measuring Impact of, and ROI on Talent Mobility


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